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The DALnet Genealogy Channels


Ron and I no longer have the time to be looking after these DALnet channels anymore, so this website is available to be taken over by whoever is running them now. If you are currently the owner of #genealogy and/or #genealogy2, email me so that I can give you the access information for this website. UPDATE: I have access to the site again, and will be deciding what to do with it. - Peter

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Hello, I am J. Peter Haliburton (PeterH) and my counterpart is J. Ron Grassi (ColSandrs). We are the founders of the genealogy channels on DALnet. If you are not familiar with IRC, you are really missing out on one of the most lively spots on the internet. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. You can think of it as a CB where you type rather than talk. Also, you usually have channel titles instead of numbers. The ones we are most interested in are #Genealogy and #Genealogy2.

If you are running a Windows based computer, there is a really good, shareware program you can use to access IRC. It is called mIRC and you can get it by clicking here or on the icon. It has a lot of nice features like sound support, aliases, popup menus, remote controls, file server and much more.

The Two Channels

A set of circumstances have lead to there being two genealogy channels on DALnet. Rather than shutting one of them down, we have decided to give them their own very distinctive roles. Some people prefer to let the topic wander, while others don't want to have to wade through screen after screen of text to find something useful. We think we can please both groups.


The original genealogy channel on DALnet was started by Peter just a week of so after he got started in IRC. That was near the end of January, 1996. However, due to some commitments, he was unable to get online for several weeks. Upon his return he was delighted to see that someone had started another one to take up the slack.

'G1' will be dedicated strictly to genealogical research and related discussions. The channel may sometimes become moderated. That means one of the OPs will have to give you a "voice" (+v) for you to participate. Anyone not serious about genealogy will have that "voice" removed (-v). Some people may be banned outright. Visit this channel if you want to get right down to business, and stay there.


A strong interest in genealogy, and a fondness for 'chatting' prompted Ron to found the second genealogy channel. He prefers to maintain a more free-form channel. While genealogy is the reason for it, discussions will not be limited to it.
"We are NOT a moderated group, and therefore, it isn't STRICTLY genealogy that is talked about. We are a very "loose knit" group of people from around the US, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere who like to chat with others, along with talking about our favorite hobby/obsession, genealogy. We very much want to help when/where we can, but also want to have some fun. I was told very early in life, and I was born August 8, 1938, in Pittsburg, Kansas, that 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'."
- J. RON GRASSI (ColSandrs)
So, if you like to mix a little fun and socializing with your serious questions, this is the channel for you.


Genealogy Chat has recently been started as an experiment on Mirabilis' ICQ. Time will tell if this Internet client will be as popular as IRC.
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    GENserveBOT ("GsB") is a new feature that is currently in the testing stages. It will allow you to access a portion of Peter's hard drive where he will be storing all sorts of data for you to download. Included will be GEDCOMs, Tiny Tafels (TTs), sound files, pictures of the users, genealogy programs and utilities, and more. You can DCC send files to GENserve to be made available for other users.

    This service will not be provided all the time. In fact, it may only be available for a few hours each week; especially during the summer. When you see the bot, you can upload your data and email Peter with a description.

    Human help will usually be available to teach you how to use GENserve, however, there is a detailed help screen presented when you connect and a brief help available by typing "help" (no quotes) in the GENserveBOT chat screen. You initiate the server by typing "!server" (again no quotes) in the channel when you see the user GENserveBOT in your names list box.

    Our Channel Operators
    Peter Haliburton, Founder: anytime

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